abbeyWhether on double bass in an orchestra, or tearing it up in the rock scene, Abbey Blackwell’s expertise in pocket bass playing is boundless. A founding member of the acclaimed surf/doo-wop group La Luz, she has exhibited a maturity beyond her years. She would be right at home along side Charles Mingus, Carol Kaye, or even Duff Mckagan.


Rhythm Axeman Patrick Latham hails from the Mojave desert. He brings a solid midrange texture to the mix. With a faithful temperament, Patrick has overcome some of the seediest elements of the American experience and emerged with a creative wisdom that informs his own projects, as well his role here in
Great Spiders.

Aaron O’neil is the guy you can count on. Sometimes uncompromising, he has earned every bit of the conviction he conveys. From thrash, hardcore, soul, or tight Charlie Watts or Frank Beard style Rock & Roll, he can play any feel in a moment’s notice. What more can you ask for in a drummer? Let him lead, he won’t let you down…

Great Spiders is the name of a musical project started in 2005 and authored solely by Omar Schambacher.

At the moment Great Spiders self describes as “pop” where no particular era or genre, in the popular vein, are exclusively inspirational. For example, Marilyn Manson, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Whitney Houston, Ronnie Milsap, The Pointer Sisters, Bob Dylan, Tracy Chapman, ZZ Top, Anne Murray, and Gordon Lightfoot would all be equivalent influences for Great Spiders. Often the lyrical content and poetic sentiment in the songs are of a dark tone, highlighting the plight of the myopic ego experience, the presence of carnal angst, the inability to process feelings of intense love, and a general disgust for humanity’s destructive nature. Generally, when crafting material, Great Spiders’ music references Blues music and popular music spanning the decades from the 1950’s through the turn of the millennium.

“In my opinion there are two kinds of pop songs, generally they are all catchy; beautifully cool ones, full of heart break and melancholy, or triumph, sex and grit… And then there’s the obnoxious ones, that are not easily forgettable, but seem to lack a sense of eternity and passion. They sound silly to me. I strive for the former, knowing that the subjective mystery of sound refutes this assertion anyway…” -Omar

In the early part of the millennium, Omar Schambacher was a guitar player for a professional cover act, performing at private events and casinos. Covering everything from Bonnie Raitt to Tower of Power and Madonna, he cites this experience as a payed education in musical arrangement. In 2008 Great Spiders released “The Blues Are Dead E.P.” on 7″ vinyl. This was the first “official” Great Spiders release.

Many musicians have accompanied Great Spiders in its many incarnations. There have been over 30 members since the bands creation. A list of solid players in the group currently is posted adjacent. Omar has also had the honor of playing with (and or working with) such greats as: Mac Demarco, Ben Smith of Heart, Night Beats, Cosmonauts, Star Anna, Jon Doe & Exene of X, Barton Carroll, Lelah Maupin of Tacocat, Charlie Wadhams, Zander Schloss of the Circle Jerks, maniac producer Kurt Bloch, bass ace Shane Herrell, Dan Peters of Mud Honey and last, but not least, legendary producer Mike Clink.

Great Spiders has a punk rock heart, and a peaceful anarchic idealism when it comes to expression. A passionate disgust for the civilly and environmentally destructive, religious, right wing, corporate, military agenda, is in the philosophical fabric of the group, but sonically the music hopefully imbues a sense of crème de la crème top 40 pop.